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Hello friends, yes, I have been a bit MIA lately so this post is extremely delayed, but hey, better than nothing! Although it was a couple of weeks ago, I just wanted to pop back a share some awesome photos I got on Mothers Day.  I had a blast this mothers day celebrating and spoiling my Mum, Aunty, Nanas and Sister.

A mum is one of the most important people in our lives. My mum has been my absolute rock my whole life, she is the other half of me and id be lost without her. Mum is always there to talk and nothing is ever too much of an ask. She always seems to be ‘not fussed’ and this Mothers Day when it came to asking her what she wanted to do, it was no different. So instead I took the day into my own hands. There was nothing I loved more than making a fuss of her in the only way I know how. FOOD! With the help of my very awesome boyfriend and cousins, we put on what I am going to say is one of the best Mothers Day lunches we’ve had to this date.

Mini Golf

Our day started out doing what Nana Wonda requested, play mini golf! We spent the first part of the day at Lilli Putt with Team Youngies (My team of course) coming out with the win – NAILED IT!

Lunch- The Table

The table was a combination of tasty food made by my cousins and Pinterest-inspired decorations. I made the ‘MUM’ sign out of fake flowers, crape paper flowers and believe it or not a Play Station box that was no longer needed. I just cut out the letters and taped the flowers on, it only took an entire week to make. Also, my parents are in the middle of renovations, hence the kitchen bench in the middle of the dining room.

If you don’t have a ‘hotel water dispenser’ (that’s what I call it anyway), they’re very handy and you’ll find you’ll use it more than you think! Left: we have just fizzy lemonade with rose petals and Lemon slices for decoration. Right: Lime and Cucumber water.

Lunch – The Food

Nick (cousin) and Logans (boyfriend) beautifully presented cheese board!
The boys made two cheese boards aren’t they good!
My rustic Leek, Asparagus, Mushroom and Feta Quiche – Delightful!
Melissa’s (sister) homemade tomato, capsicum and salami pizza.
Delicious Prunes wrapped in bacon made by my sister Melissa. Such a quick and easy but so yummy idea!
Thank you for the yummy Chicken Club Sandwiches cousin, Kylie 🙂
Sweet Scones and Spinach and Feta Scones made by yours truly. Spinach and feta scones served with butter. Sweet scones were served with my Zingy Lemon Curd and whipped cream.
Brownies beautiful made by cousin Kylie – We might need that recipe off ya Kylz! 😀

The Cake!

Banana and Caramel 3 layer cake with a caramel drip and toffee ‘glass shards’ on top. Also completed to make it a bit more ‘Mothery’ with some pink carnations and a red macaron heart.

One of my most feared and favourite parts of making a cake. Is when its gets cut into and you pull the piece out. All I can think is ‘ooh what’s is going to look like.. is it going to fall apart.. are the layers even sized did I put too much frosting in the middle!’ This one worked out pretty well, I probably did put too much buttercream in the middle but oh well! It was still tasty! 🙂

Thank you, Mum

A huge thank you to Logan, Melissa, Scott, Kylie and Nick for helping to make this lunch as yummy as it was. A special mention to the dads and husbands for ‘ushering’ the mums and nanas to a different room so they wouldn’t see us setting up. Most important thank you to my Mum Joanne, Aunty Kay, Nana Wonda, Nana Doreen and my Sister Melissa. Without you all I both wouldn’t be on this planet today (literally) and definitely wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Thank you.

Bye for now!
L 🙂 xx

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