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Funfetti Cupcakes are exactly how they sound… such fun! They’re Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles in the batter. I know!! Cool right! My nephew Olson asked for sprinkles on the Cupcakes.. so we took it one step further and filled the Cupcakes with sprinkles. Well, to be honest, he first asked for ‘strawberry cupcakes but strawberries aren’t in season right now and who wants fake flavoured strawberry stuff in their cupcakes.. not me!! Now, please note in this post, it’s mostly just a bunch of cute picture of my nephew and I creating our cute little cupcakes. I kind of just made up the recipe and they weren’t perfect. Once I have these perfected I will present them to you, I promise. Anyway… ENJOY!

Here’s little Olson ready to go with his measuring cup!
Aw, look how excited he is to pour the sprinkles in!! Tip: I would suggest using the stick like sprinkles, rather than 100’s and 1000’s. 100’s and 1000’s tend to loose their colour too quickly in this type of recipe.
Time to spoon the mixture into the muffin tins. (Yes, I know our cupcakes are missing cupcake liners.. the store didn’t have mini ones.. so we went without!) This little boy has so much dedicated and concentration in so many little intricate tasks that he does. He makes me so proud!
Pop em in the oven – YAY!
I think I decided to have a nap in this photo, but Olson took it of me… so I couldn;t not add it in this post.
There they are, the beautiful little colourful cupcakes all cooked and waiting to be iced.
Teaching Olson how to pipe cupcakes… He was so excited by it. I love seeing the thrill in his eyes when the pipe cupcake is complete. Such joy!
Placing confetti/ sprinkle stars on cupcakes is very serious and important work. Quiet Please!

Thanks little Olson for being my little chef buddy, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Love you to the moon and back.

Thank you for existing,

xoxo L 🙂

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