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Japan Day was so much fun..

Sunday 26th February. The Cloud. Queens Wharf. Shed 10. Auckland CBD.
My flatmate said ‘Lauren get your butt off the couch, were going to get some culture’. I’m so glad she did because oh boy it was so much fun. I loved learning about a different culture and more about one of my favourite types of cuisines. JAPANESE! They had everything Japanese, from traditional clothing and shoes to tea ceremonies and amazing traditional performances. From incredible flower arrangements, cosplay characters to the food, all the food stalls to you could think of. Dumplings, green tea, bubble tea, fried noodle, Yakisoba, Ramen, Yakitori, cream puffs and so much more.

My flatmate (left) and me (right) soaking up the glorious sun, atmosphere and delicious food. Flatmate in her ironic Phuket tee shirt had these amazing fried dumplings. Who doesn’t love fried dumplings and me with my Potato stick.


But first: Bubble Tea..

The line for ‘Bubblee Tea’. The line was huge but oh MY it was worth it.
Me and my DELICIOUS Watermelon Bubble Tea. A milk tea drink, watermelon flavour with Tapioca balls. My favourite part is how that give you a really fat straw so the Tapioca goes racing up the straw when you take a sip. You get a drink and a treat all in one. Such fun!

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is called ‘Chanoyu’ or ‘Ocha’ in the Japanese. The ritual is a sequence of steps for the preparation and serving of a green tea, called ‘Matcha’. The tea is served perfectly with a Japanese sweet to balance out the bitter flavour of the tea. And boy did I need that little sweet! I’m not usually a green tea person or a anything bitter person for that matter, I am sweet all the way. So I found the tea very bitter but I still enjoyed it very much. It has this foaming texture on top like a kids fluffy, so it was very tasty but, yes very bitter. I tried my best to finish it as I didn’t want to be rude and nailed it. The Japanese ladies that served us were so sweet!

Japanese tea ceremony and the little sweet we were given.
The ladies in their beautiful traditional kimonos’ handing out the sweets.
This is the sweet you are given. To be perfectly honest I thought this could’ve been a little sweeter too. It had a sort of soft cake like texture and a very subtle sweet flavour. A difficult one to describe.
The foaming top of the tea, like a green tea flat white.

More Food

Oh MY! This was soooo good. A cookie cream puff with green tea cream filling. Oh wow I could’ve had 5 of them.. I didn’t I restrained myself (it wasn’t easy)!
This is the Daikoku stall showing of their moves with their spatulas. They were like circus clowns with all that juggling. It look so fun.. Teach me?!
This is a Potato stick. It is one whole potato cut perfect and put a skewer in it. They deep fry the whole thing in the fryer. You are given a choice of seasonings; salt, garlic salt, chicken salt. I chose garlic salt. Then they sprinkle it all over. Served hot. It was soo good!
My flatmate enjoying her fried dumplings and Me with my Potato stick. Just so delicious!

More Traditions

Zori – Traditional Japanese shoes normally worn with a Kimono. They look like Jandals but with a platform heal. They’re so cute!
People trying on these beautiful Kimonos’. There is so much detail and such precession of how they should be worn. I commend you Japanese women.


This man was trimming a Bonsai tree. This is a traditional Japanese art form using trees that are grown in containers or small pots. The Japanese tradition has been around for thousands of years. It is often used as a therapeutic exercise rather than to grow the tree for fruit or flower. The objective to keep the tree trimmed and tidy.


There were performances all day at Japan Day on the Queens Wharf opposite Shed 10 as well as inside the Cloud.
These we a very talented group performing Japanese dance.

The End

Thank you to my flatmate for taking me along, I had the best day and learnt so much about the Japanese culture. I think Japan is going to have to be included in my next big trip.


Until next time Japan… THANK YOU!

Love this photo. It was such a happy day. I was in my element. 🙂

Thanks for existing!
Talk Soon,
L 🙂 xx

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