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This post has nothing to do with hunger for food, but more being very hungry for adventure, I know I’m surprised too. My 3 best friends and I really needed a break and a get-the-hell-away-from-Auckland-escape. I found out my Auntys’ batch in Matarangi was free, we had to drop everything and go. For the first time in a long time and with only about 2 days notice all four of us were free for the whole weekend. So off we went, four girls, one car, Matarangi and Whangpoua, we’re coming for ya!


Matarangi is this beautiful, I guess you could call ‘town’ located about 25 minutes from Whitianga in the Coromandel and about 3 hours from Auckland. My Aunty and Uncle have owned a batch in Matarangi for most of my life, so I know this place like the back of my hand. I say ‘I grew up there’ to most people, which isn’t completely factual.  My family spent about 4 weeks of the year during Christmas/ Summer time in Matarangi and Whangapoua from when I was 5 months old. This was where my sister and I had the ultimate Kiwi summertime and childhood.


We escaped Auckland at 7.30 am and ventured out on the 3-hour journey. After stopping to get lunch and dinner in Thames, we finally arrived at about 10.30. Huge props to Shanny May for driving the whole way – you’re amazing! We spent the rest of the day/ afternoon exploring the beach, playing board games and many deep and meaningful chats. It rained the whole time, due to the fact that we’re pretty much in the middle of winter at the moment. Great timing.

Simply the best, Shanny-May!! <3

Shannon, Me, Nicky and Mandy. The ‘SLAN’ Clan!


Whanagpoua is the place I first went to when I was about 5 months old. Whangapoua is located about 10-15 minutes from Matarangi. It’s where I learnt all the typical Kiwi summer things. Things like how to boogie board the perfect wave. How to boogie board down the dry summer grass at the end of the campground. The best way to toast marshmallows on the bonfire, how to catch a fish. That it is very important to hold awfully tight while being towed on the sea biscuit behind a jet boat.


We started our morning with a lovely walk along the beach. I could do this every day! Then packed up, cleaned the house and made the 10-minute drive to the most wonderful place in New Zealand, Whanagpoua. Unfortunately, I don’t get to go down to Whangapoua very often anymore and I miss it all the time. I think Whanagpoua knows this and for the past 3 visits back it rained every damn time! It’s like they are tears of happiness that I’ve finally arrived back home again. Either that or I have terrible timing and seem to only be free in the winter so it’s only inevitable that it’ll be raining. Despite the rain, it was still so lovely to be back home, (yes I say home because every time I’m back it feels just like that like I’m returning home after an extended time away).

Whangapoua’s beautiful main beach. AKA the ‘big waves beach!’

Whangapoua’s beautiful estuary. AKA the ‘little waves beach!’

Oh My! The sun came out! Isn’t she beautiful!
Attempting the rope swing… and trying to look cool doing it.
YUS! Looking cool… #KillingIt


Thank you to my 3 favourite girls for coming on this wonderful adventure with me. Shannon, Amanda and Nicky, you make my life and you made this trip, awesome. However, most of all thank you Whangapoua and Matarangi for just plain existing and being in my life forever. You hold a very very special place in my heart.

Thanks for existing!
L 🙂 xx

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