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My whole life I’ve been a very hungry girl…. Bored – hungry. Playing sport- hungry. Working – hungry. Breathing – Hungry. Hell! EATING – hungry!!! So you get the point I really like to eat, or I really like to be hungry, not sure which one it is! Or is that feeling when you manage to let yourself get so hungry that the food, when you finally get to eat it, tastes so dam good, like probably better that ever it normally would! Like a cheeseburger after a drunken night out, Mmm. Everything I do I try to revolve it around food. I go to sleep so I can wake up and eat breakfast so I can then go to work and keeping working so that lunch comes around and I can eat more food. Then I have the next 3-4 hours to think about what I’m going to have when I get home from work while I’m thinking about what’s for dinner too. Now you’ve probably got to this point and thinking God she eats far too much food does she weigh like 3000 kilos!? Thankfully I have a very fast metabolism, let’s just hope it stays that way.

When I was little I’d complain about being hungry so much, that a family friend used to CALL me hungry. I guess it came from the classic parent answer to ‘I’m hungry!’ Their reply- ‘oh hello hungry, nice to meet you!’ It was always that answer or my mothers favourite (I’m sure she secretly loved to say it). Me: “Muuum I’m hungry” Mum: “have a banana”. Every mother has an answer to that statement, I guarantee it. I asked around amongst some friends, some typical mum answers that ive heard – “Have some cereal!” “Have some fruit!” “Have some muesli!” “Have a glass of water!” And my personal favourite “you’re not hungry, you’re bored go outside!” (Classic kiwi mum). All such typical mum answers, only offering us something healthy to eat. Like why can’t you say oh here have a chocolate bar or here I just cooked some delicious chocolate muffins, well thats the dream! Think back to when you’d say that or call her and say it, see what her reply is and let me know. I’d love to hear what your mum says.

Mum and Me at Nanas having ice cream next to her pool. Obviously I was much more interested in the ice cream than anything else. #typical
More ice cream at Nanas (left). My sister and I, my first best friend, my first lover of food buddy.
Oh look it’s me eating more ice cream, with my cousin (left). Me with my doll cake on my 8th birthday. I remember being so excited to pick the cake up from the local cake shop and when I finished the cake I got a Barbie toy to play with!

Hungry for Adventure

Food isn’t he only thing I’m always hungry for; fun, adventure, travel. I’m always looking for that new exciting thing to taste, restaurant to eat at, countries to visit, the list goes on. I don’t work with food as much any more so this is a safe place I can come to. Where I can vent and get overly excited about everything from the new avocado saver I bought, to searching for cupcake perfection. To the places I see and eat and get way too excited over. I’ll probably mention a couple of times that time I moved to New York – oh the food! Yes that’s right my passion for food and adventure even took me across the other side of the world. I studied a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, major in Food and Beverage, at Auckland University of Technology. Towards the end of this degree I was awarded a scholarship to travel to New York and do an internship at a one of Manhattans top restaurants. It was one of the most amazing experiences I was ever given the opportunity to do. I worked in the front of house, helped with beautiful New York weddings, helped the pastry chefs in the kitchen of two restaurants. And met some of the most amazing people from not only New York City but from all over the world. You’ll hear more a about that later, and hopefully will do a New York City tips post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Me with my 21st Cake that I made (yes I made my own cake). I loved the colour orange and Paris, so I made it into a cake (left). Me having lunch with my best friend, my favourite person to eat food with (right).
My first slice of real New York pizza (left). When I discovered L & P chocolate (right). As you can see I get extremely excited about food!
Chillin’ with Julia at the Museum of American National History, Julia Child exhibit in New York. One of the best days of my life, I cried, I laughed, I couldn’t stop smiling. Favourite Julia quote: “Find something you are passionate and keep tremendously interested in it!”

That was a quick introduction to me an my life and everything you might find on this new venture of mine… So let’s get started then… oh My I’m hungry!

Thank you for existing…

Talk soon!
L 🙂 xx <3

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