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Friday 14th April 2017. My 25th Birthday. The beginning of the other half of 50. The next quarter of a quarter of a century of my life. The approximately 9,125th day of my living (give or take a few days). Surrounded by every one of my favourite people, the most delicious food, waffles, bacon, eggs, hollandaise sauce, hot cross buns, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, macarons, chocolate oh my.. I’m hungry!! Ah yes and the G n T’s.. don’t forget the G n T’s.

The Surprise…

My morning started out with my incredible boyfriend and flatmates summoning me to stay in my room until they tell me I can come upstairs. So I waited in my room, doing typical girly things like shaving my legs and singing along to my girl Brooke Fraiser at the top of my lungs. Completely oblivious to the fact that my best friend and whole family and flatmates are all upstairs and have been for the last hour, helping prepare the most magnificent birthday breakfast. Finally, they were ready for me and after Logan

Finally, they were ready for me and after Logan insisted I put a bra on before I come upstairs (I was so confused as to why it was so important… I was wearing my PJs), I was very pleasantly surprised. I walked up the stairs to see the dining table covered with delicious looking treats. To my right, in the kitchen, there was everyone all squashed into a corner, they all yelled “SURPRISE!” It completely shocked me I couldn’t believe that everyone I loved was here in my kitchen to spend my birthday morning with me. I felt so loved and shocked and happy and excited and it all bubbly up inside and really overwhelmed me that I burst into tears. Really ugly tears, like actual sobbing, like a child.

My shocked face just before I broke into a quick yet very ugly cry. Also dropped my phone due to the state of shock (that green leaf thing on the ground, oops).

The Food…

Wow! Where do I start. Well, my wonderful Logan (boyfriend) went absolutely above and beyond. With the help of my flatmates Christina and Natalie, there was bacon, waffles, poached or fried eggs, hollandaise sauce. That was the first course, it was like a buffet breakfast and definitely enough food for the whole bloody street! The second course was presented beautifully on the dining table (photo below) and was enough to take an aspiring baker and absolute sweet lovers’ breath away.

We begin with a beautiful colourful fruit platter with my favourite fruits ever ever ever, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, and grapes. Then we move on to the hot cross buns made using one of my recipes (#soproud). Ok, so you take all 6 hot cross buns joined together and slice them in half. Take the lid off and cover the base with softened butter, then sprinkle cinnamon, brown sugar and chocolate chips on top of butter. Put the lid back on and then in the oven until slightly crunchy to touch. Then eat! The spread even had some amazing Milse treats; 4 different gateaus, Cookies and Cream, Toffee Apple, Satilla (62% dark chocolate) and salted caramel, Mocha and Almond. Milse Macarons; Mocha, Salted Caramel, Dulce De Leche, Cookie Dough. Annd 3 beautiful looking Lemon Meringue tarts, which I think Logan secretly bought just for himself.

The amazing sweets spread. Best boyfriend and Flatmates ever!
My Nephew Olson just didn’t know where to start with all those sweet treats. #overwhelmed
Milse treats. Cookies and Cream, Toffee Apple, Satilla and salted caramel, Coffee Almond Gateaus.

The Cake…

Alright, it’s time we talk cake! Bluebells Cakery is somewhere that I have adored and admired every since their first store in Hillsborough opened. My sister lived just down the road and couldn’t wait to tell me about the incredible cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and everything sweet they so beautifully created. So to get a Bluebells cake for my birthday was so exciting. I literally jumped up and down with excitement. The cake a beautiful red velvet, with cream cheese frosting, my absolute favourite flavour out of all the cake flavours to grace this earth. And beautifully presented with a pink drip and macarons and pink and white carnations. Completed with a white chocolate disc with ‘Happy Birthday Lauren’ written on in pink icing. The cakes were also accompanied by some delicious vanilla mini cupcakes with pink frosting. I am so thankful for you Bluebells. I am so thankful for you in my life Logan. Thank you for being simply the best.

So excited and lucky to have a Bluebells cake. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. SO YUM!
This cake took quite a journey, but we finally ended up eating it at Moretons after dinner. Thank you to the people who came, sung happy birthday and shared this glorious cake with me.
Annd then we walked home. This is how we found the cake the next day… It had quite a journey that day.

More Birthday Fun…

All i asked for was ’25’ balloons for my birthday! So chuffed! Thank you, Christina 🙂
So happy to have my best friend with me on my birthday!
Mr. Whippy stopped by the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial garden. I got a single sherbet with a flake and Logan, (in classic Logan form) got a single choc dip with a flake. Thanks, Mr. Whippy!
Left: Chrisitina, the amazing girl, flatmate, friend, who help put a lot of the food and decorations together that really made my day; ‘Best Friend Shannon’; Flatmate Natalie; Boyfriend Logan. // Right: Natalie and I jumping for joy on this beautiful April day.
Beautiful roses from Logan. I know, I’m a very lucky girl.
Where do you go when you live in East Auckland for your birthday drinks?Moretons of course! The birthday drinks then turned into dinner until very late with mt y favourite Moretons Crew. Love this bunch! 🙂
The one and only who made it all so amazing <3
I can not thank you all enough. Yes, you, the incredible people in my life who made my birthday one of the best birthdays I’ve had in these 25 years of living. I love you all very much <3

Thanks for existing!
L x

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