I’m Lauren, this proud owner of this blog… My I’m Hungry!

A few things about me: I spend most of my time eating, laughing and adventuring oh and talking way too much (mostly about eating, laughing and adventures). I decided to start this blog because I wanted somewhere where I can blab about my exciting new ventures, whether is it be that time I made the most perfect chocolate buttercream, that may as well be chocolate mousse or that time I lived in New York, that was probably what made me the person am I today.

I’ve lived my whole life around the idea that this life is supposed to be lived and loved. What is the point in being alive if you’re not living every moment. Most of my days are planned around food and my days off are planned around “what are we going to do next?” “where are we going to eat”. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had this thing inside me that well just constantly hungry (my stomach?).. like all the time! So I guess that’s why I turned it into a hobby, (cooking and baking that is, not eating, actually eating too).

My favourite subject at school.. can you guess by now? Yep, food technology, which then turned in hospitality in high school which then turned in ‘A Bachelor of International Hospitality Management’ at University. So yeah you can see the picture and I will follow that love of eating till as far as I could go. It even took me across the other side of the world, when I was awarded a scholarship to live in New York. I interned and worked in one of Manhattans top restaurants. Oh, my the food in New York, I could talk all day about it (just you wait). New York gave me so much inspiration for tasting more food and exploring what glorious treats this world has to offer me.

So here I am just a girl back in little New Zealand living loving every adventure I can and still trying to create the perfect cupcake and try everything that is edible in this glorious world. Ok, hungry yet? Let’s go because MY!… I’m Hungry! 🙂

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Cheers, L!


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